Tesla & # 39; s latest software introduces new & # 39; Car-aoke & # 39; function and connects to Netflix

Tesla & # 39; s latest software introduces new "Car-aoke" function and connects to Netflix – because it shows that cars can now drive themselves without anyone in it

  • Telsa has rolled out its new software version 10.0 at its customers on Friday
  • Riders have access to their own Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Hulu accounts
  • There is also a & # 39; Car-aoke & # 39; function with a library of songs and lyrics
  • With the update, users can also call their car without being physically inside

The latest Tesla software update has a & # 39; Car-aoke & # 39; feature that allows you to stream your favorite shows & movies directly to the vehicle display.

Users have access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Spotify and the new feature & # 39; Car-aoke & # 39; with which they can host a karaoke show to stay busy with long journeys.

Software version 10.0 too let users call their car. The self-driving vehicle navigates to the owner or a specific destination without a person in it.

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"It's there. Software version 10.0 – our largest software update ever, & Tesla shares in an announcement.

"We raise the bar for what people expect from their cars, with new entertainment, gaming, music and convenience features designed to make your car much more capable and to make the time spent in your car more enjoyable to make."


Tesla Theater: users have access to Netflix, Hulu and YouTube

Karaoke: new feature & # 39; Car-aoke & # 39; has a large music and song library that supports multiple languages

Smart Summon: Owners can activate their car to come to them or a specific destination without being inside.

The new software is being rolled out today via a wireless update and is available for the Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles.


The center display connects to the user's own streaming accounts, such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu or Hulu + Live TV, so that they can watch your favorite shows, movies and content directly from your car while they are parked.

As self-driving cars allow your hands and eyes to roam freely, Tesla has added the "Car-aoke" feature that "comes with a huge library of music and lyrics, with multi-language support," Tesla explained.

In addition to streaming video & # 39; s and shows, users have access to their Spotfiy Premium account – a feature that, according to the company, was most in demand among its customers.

The addition of fun apps can make some consumers enthusiastic, but it seems that the real price of the day is the new "Smart Summon" feature that was rolled out for those who have purchased a fully self-driving option or improved autopilot.


With this new addition, cars can navigate in a parking lot and come to their owner or a destination of their choice, as long as their car is within their field of vision.

"It's the perfect feature to use if you have a crowded shopping cart, are dealing with a picky kid or just don't want to walk to your car through the rain," Tesla writes.

Customers who have had early access to Smart Summon have told us that it both adds convenience to their journeys and provides a unique moment of enjoyment when their car picks them up to begin their journey. & # 39;

"Those using Smart Summon must remain responsible for the car at all times and monitor it and its environment."


"Version 10.0 is our biggest update ever and is yet another example of how Tesla's ownership keeps getting better over time."

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