Terrifying moment impatient Mercedes motorist RAMS learner driver off M1 near Nottingham

Highway maniac! Terrifying moment impatient Mercedes driver RAMS student driver off the road while trying to overtake on M1

  • A terrified student driver’s Peugeot was knocked off the road by a red Mercedes
  • Footage shows the car pivoting inside the L-plated vehicle and pushing it sideways
  • The student driver’s windshield was smashed and airbags exploded in the car
  • The student and teacher traveled from Sutton-in-Ashfield to Nottingham



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This is the breathtaking moment when a student driver is knocked off the road by a furious Mercedes driver.

Driving instructor Chris was in the vehicle with his student during a lesson on the M1 when the impatient car veered across the roadway and crashed into the L-plated vehicle.

The apprentice, who had never been on a motorway, practiced driving from Sutton-in-Ashfield to Nottingham.

Chris told The Sun that his apprentice, driving a Peugeot, had ‘confidently’ gathered speed on the exit ramp at Junction 28 when the Mercedes skidded over, causing the apprentice car to hit the guardrails.

Dashcam footage shows a Kia moving in the left lane into the middle lane before their car is allowed to merge.

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Suddenly, however, a red Merc SLK200 accelerates to overtake.

But as the ramp narrows, the driver loses control of the wheel and swerves into the student’s front driver, causing him to crash into the guardrail.

Footage shows the windshield shattered and the airbags exploded when the force of the impact caused the car to crash into the hard shoulder, traveling at 60 mph.

The front wheel was almost completely cut off during the incident in May last year. No one was injured in the crash.

The driving instructor said: ‘My student and I were unable to correct the skid due to the force of the impact, so my Peugeot hit the highway guardrails.

The Mercedes crashed into the student driver’s car on the M1 between Sutton-in-Ashfield to Nottingham. The window was smashed and the airbags in the Peugeot exploded

The red Mercedes SLK200 was seen behind the student driver’s car in the driveway before pulling away from behind and veering back into the Peugeot

‘The damage was so great; the car was considered a total loss.’

Apprentice drivers were previously not allowed to use motorways until they had their full driving licence, but this changed in England, Scotland and Wales in 2018.

This means that a student driver is allowed on the road as long as a student driver is accompanied by a recognized instructor, in a dual-control car, equipped with L-plates.

It is not mandatory for students to be taken on highways during lessons, but instructor Chris does it to prepare his students for ‘real’ driving.

He added: “Since this change in law, I have done my best to train all my student drivers on the highway.

“It allows them to drive in real life rather than limiting them to just passing the driving test.”


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