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“Terrible”: Controversy leads to Match Cancellation in the 3rd League


The game of the 3rd football league between FSV Zwickau and Rot-Weiss Essen was stopped at half-time on Sunday when the score was 1-1.

Referee Nicolas Winter had been thrown beer in the face by an angry fan while walking into the dressing room. Winter didn’t come out of the dressing room after the half-time break and stopped the game.

“Terrible. Terrible,” said Zwickau’s spokesman, Frank Fischer, about the incident at Magentasport. “There are certain things that just don’t work. That will have consequences. Protection for life and limb comes first. Nobody has to throw a cup here.”

The referee will prepare a special report, which the DFB sports court will use to make a judgement. “It’s not in our hands anymore. We can’t use a point deduction or a financial sanction. We’re calling for the game to be repeated,” said Fischer.

In the 45th minute, the referee had shown Nils Butzen from Zwickau a red card for an unfortunate foul on Isaiah Young, which he interpreted as an emergency brake. Johann Gomez got the free kick that was due in the penalty area on his arm, whereupon Winter decided on a penalty. This was converted by Simon Engelmann (45+3). Dominic Baumann (36th) had previously given the hosts the lead. Both teams are fighting relegation.

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