How Australia Post boss and mother-of-four managed to steal $425,000 from organization as she prepares to spend next six months in jail

  • Former Australia Post boss Rebecca Liebelt stole $425,000 through fraud
  • Liebelt, 37, was a franchisee of the Aust Post Tennant Creek branch in the NT
  • She made fraudulent deposits into seven bank accounts from March 2019 to May 2021
  • The mother of four pleaded guilty and will spend at least six months in prison



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A former Australia Post boss who stole almost half a million dollars from the organization has been jailed for six months.

Rebecca Liebelt, 37, pleaded guilty in the Northern Territory Supreme Court earlier this month to stealing cash and obtaining property by deception.

The mother of four was a franchisee and manager of Australia Post’s Tennant Creek branch, five hours north of Alice Springs.

Liebelt stole $425,000 by stealing money from the Australia Post banking system and making false deposits into bank accounts from March 2019 to May 2021, the court heard.

Former Australia Post franchisee Rebecca Liebelt (pictured right with her husband Greg Liebelt) has been jailed for six months for stealing $425,000 and laundering it

She spent most of the money on family vacations, household items, investments and bills.

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She was charged along with her husband, livestock agent Greg Liebelt.

Liebelt denies to have knowledge of the money being stolen and his charges are likely to be heard at a trial in the Supreme Court.

Liebelt’s scheme began in March 2019 when she made a fraudulent $2,000 deposit into a joint business account she had with her husband.

A total of 72 fraudulent deposits were made totaling $404,749.95, which the post franchisee moved through seven personal and business accounts across four different banks.

She channeled some of the money through the post office she worked at to avoid suspicion and unplugged her modem to avoid detection.

The mother of four also stole $21,000 from the till at her work.

Australia Post Security became aware of the financial irregularities and conducted a surprise audit in January 2021.

NT Police then launched an investigation in March that year after a complaint was made.

Liebelt was suspended by Australia Post in May and later dismissed from her position before she stood trial for the charges.

Judge Sonia Brownhill described her operation as ‘sophisticated’ as she told the court the lengths to which Liebelt went to launder the money. NT News reported.

“You moved the stolen funds around repeatedly and withdrew cash from ATMs across Tennant Creek, thereby exceeding the $2000 cash withdrawal limits,” Justice Brownhill told the court.

Liebelt was the franchisee and manager of Australia Post’s Tennant Creek branch (pictured). She laundered some of the $425,000 she stole here

Justice Brownhill said ‘public confidence’ in Australia Post was likely to have been damaged due to Liebelt’s theft and fraudulent activities.

Her former employer was awarded a default judgment that forced Liebelt to pay back $86,478.32 on top of the money she stole and the cost of the lease.

Liebelt was sentenced to four years and six months behind bars. However, she will be placed in the home after serving six months in prison.

During house arrest, she must wear a monitoring bracelet and be regularly tested for drugs and alcohol.

If she does not repeat the offense within the next three years, her sentence will be suspended.