Stimulating the brain, meditating and healthy eating are some tips to stay healthy in 2020. 

We advise maintaining a healthy diet, resting properly and protecting the body from the sun. 

Never ignore the importance of physical activity and medical check-up. Regular medical check-ups can help discover some complications in time. Today, we are going to share some of the greatest recommendations from renowned nursing pioneers with you. Here are ten secrets of perfect health for you and your family. 

1. Stimulate the brain: 

Like any part of the body, it is necessary for the brain to exercise so that it stays healthy. In this way, you can avoid future diseases that affect this organ. The researchers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s recommend some memory and cognitive exercises to strengthen it. Among them, they advise reading books, learning phone numbers, playing games such as sudoku, crosswords, and learning to play an instrument or a new language. Simply put, try to break the routine – one way could be to use the opposite hand to the one you normally use. 

2. Emotions and meditation: 

When talking about “self” and existence, diseases are also a way of manifesting that something is not right internally. It could be a situation of stress or sadness that weakens the body and makes it more prone to viruses circulating in the air. Therefore, several specialists recommend accepting the situation. If sadness comes, you should cry or consult with a specialist if necessary. That way you can ensure that it will not affect your health. Meanwhile, Ayurvedic medicine specialists recommend meditation as an ideal practice to free the mind of negative thoughts. Meditation is a way of teaching the mind to be calm and to reduce stress levels, which brings great health benefits.

3. Social activity: 

Performing recreational activities, whether with friends, family or partner, are of great benefit to not fall into monotony and avoid stress. In addition, it can also help you keep the brain active. Watching a movie, going to the park, exercising or taking small walks are some of the suggestions of some renowned specialists. 

4. Day spa: 

Dedicating once a month to go to the spa could be a key to your health. It is a practice that allows people to get out of the routine, leave the stress and dedicate themselves to their health. For this reason, an exfoliation, a chocolate session, a relaxing massage with volcanic stones and an afternoon in a jacuzzi can help cleanse the skin and prevent diseases derived from stress. 

5. Medical check-up: 

In terms of disease prevention, it is recommended that a healthy person perform a medical check-up once a year. According to a specialist, these checks allow knowing and controlling risk factors, especially cardiovascular ones. The visit where the specialist can assess the pressure and formulate the necessary tests to know the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. These aspects determined in time would be key to avoid suffering a cardiovascular complication, because knowing the results can be treated and controlled properly. One of the simplest techniques is to close your eyes and concentrate on breathing – see how the air enters and leaves the body.

6. Do not stop using moisturizers

Creams are not just for summer after sunbathing. They are also necessary during the rest of the year. The skin dries out a lot and it can get rashes and allergies. Drinking a lot of water and applying moisturizing cream all over the body will help us maintain healthy skin.

7. Drink infusions, broths, and soups

Hot and steamy liquids are highly recommended in the cold seasons because they heat the body. Moreover, they are also recommended because the steam reaches the mucous membranes and moisturizes them more effectively, keeping them in good working order. We must remember that the mucous membranes protect our nostrils and throat to avoid cracking. This cracking can be conducive to the entry of viruses and bacteria from pneumonia. Mucous membranes in good condition are a defense against colds and flu.

8. Do not give up physical exercise

Fewer hours of light results in less serotonin production, low mood, less sexual desire and less desire to move. This tendency can be reversed with physical exercise, which stimulates the production of different pleasure hormones and euphoriants. These hormones help us to be more active. Besides, exercise increases blood circulation, improving the distribution of components to cells and of course the body’s defensive action. 

9. Maintain a diet low in calories but not fat-free

If you move less because of your lifestyle, it is advisable to lower the number of calories in our diet if we do not want to gain weight. However, the best way to do it is by eliminating carbohydrates instead of natural fats, which contain multiple benefits. Natural fats lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and contribute to high levels of testosterone, a hormone responsible for vitality, which is good for mood and activity. Of course, keep the level of high vegetable fiber based on fruits and vegetables.

10. Don’t forget to sunbathe

Even if it is in the city, it is good that we sunbathe twenty minutes a day at least to make enough vitamin D that our body needs. It is much more effective than inflating vitamin supplements. Remember that for the operation to be effective, your diet must have enough good cholesterol that can be transformed by the sun’s rays.


It is recommended to be more disciplined both at bedtime and when we wake up, trying not to alter the cycles. Moreover, eating healthy and taking care of yourself are some of the most important things to consider to maintain good health. In these times we spend much more time in closed environments and with artificial heat. This heat dries us out excessively and makes us less hydrated. If we spend many hours in heated spaces, it is advisable to drink water frequently to maintain the proper degree of hydration. These tips will help you set a perfect health regime.