Ten-month-old girl able to go home after five surgeries from swallowing children’s water beads

Ten-month-old girl who needed five surgeries and life support after swallowing children’s water beads is finally able to go home — as Target pulls toy balls from its shelves

  • Kennedy Mitchell was taken to the hospital after becoming sleepy and vomiting.
  • She Inadvertently, she had swallowed a piece of water beads that had blocked her bowel.
  • Five operations were necessary to correct the damage to the toys by the children.

After five surgeries and a near death experience, a 10-month old girl can now return to her home after swallowing a children’s water beads.

Kennedy Mitchell, from Maine, was hospitalized after accidentally ingesting a bead made by toy company Chuckles & Roar.

She After her bowel was blocked by a bead, doctors initially gave her a 50% chance of survival.

Her mother, Folichia Mitchell, bought the toy for her eight-year-old son Joshua, who is on the autism spectrum, from Target on October 24.

A few days later, Kennedy’s daughter began throwing up and becoming very lethargic.

Ms. Mitchell thought it might be a food allergy and took Kennedy to the hospital on November 1. Tests revealed that Kennedy had a water bead in both her stomach and stomach. 

Water beads, sometimes known as sensory beads, are water-absorbing beads made from super absorbent plastic, often marketed as toys or learning aids.

They can grow up to 200 times larger in water, and shrink down when dried. They are available in many shapes and colors, including spheres and jewels.

They can be used for educational purposes and entertainment by young children, as well as children with autism or high anxiety. 

Kennedy Mitchell was injured when he accidentally swallowed a water beads. He had to undergo five surgeries. Over 40,650 people signed a petition calling for the ban on the toy.

Kennedy Is Now Able To Go Home From Hospital After Spending The Majority Of The Past Month Undergoing Tests And Surgeries Following A Blockage In Her Bowel Which Nearly Killed Her

Kennedy can now go home after being in hospital for the last month. She had to undergo tests and procedures following a blockage of her bowel that nearly killed her.

Water beads can pose dangers 

What are the beads made from?

Water beads are made with superabsorbent plasticmers. Superabsorbent Polymers can be either synthetic (manmade) or natural. 

Today’s superabsorbent plasticmers are mostly synthetic and are made of petroleum products, polyacrylate and other acrylics.

What do they do?

Water beads were first used in agriculture to retain soil moisture. They are used by florists to keep beautiful arrangements of flowers hydrated. 

Water beads are currently used as fluid absorbers for baby diapers, menstrual pads, and incontinence clothes. 

They are also marketed as children’s toys or therapies for children with sensory processing or autism spectrum disorders. 

Orbeez, MarvelBeads and Elongdi are some of the brands that make toy water beads.

Do they pose a danger if swallowed 

While the water beads made of polymers are safe, they can absorb fluids from the stomach and expand into the intestinal tract. This can cause severe and sometimes fatal intestinal blockage.

Source: National Poison Control Center

The blockage caused by the blockage of her bowel could have fatal consequences as it cut off blood supply to a portion of her intestines. 

Kennedy had already suffered damage to his intestines when Kennedy underwent the first surgery to extract the water beads.

The 10-month old went into septic shock and had to be placed on a ventilator.

Another operation was performed to check for obstructions. However, none were found.

Two additional surgeries were necessary to remove excess fluid in her intestines as well as relieve the pressure on her organs.

The National Poison Control Center According to some, swallowing water beads can cause them to absorb fluid. This can cause intestinal obstruction and even death. 

Ms Mitchell told Good Morning America Three times in the last month, Kennedy’s doctors told her that Kennedy would not survive.

In a video that was posted to TikTok yesterday, Ms Mitchell stated that Kennedy could return home because she is grateful. 

Target, which sold only water beads, pulled the product from its shelves as it investigated with the manufacturer.

The retailer told ‘We’re aware of this tragic situation and send our heartfelt sympathy to this child and her family. 

“Target requires all vendors to follow all product safety standards as well as all federal and state laws.

It stated that and stores had removed the product while they reviewed the situation with the vendor.

Ms. Mitchell is trying to spread awareness about the dangers of water beads.

The mother said it. Insider: ‘The label indicates that these beads should not be used by children under three years of age. The makers had to warn that water beads can cause blockages in the digestive system, which could lead to death.

A petition More than 40,650 signatures have been received in support of banning water beads

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