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Telstra 5G small cell device falls from telephone pole in Brisbane’s West End and destroys shopping trolley – amid fears it was no accident


Telstra 5G small cell device falls from a telephone pole in Brisbane’s West End, destroying a shopping trolley, amid fears it was not an accident

  • A telecommunications structure collapsed to the ground
  • 5G small cell fell on a green shopping cart
  • It is understood that a passing truck detached the bulky mass

A large piece of telecommunications equipment has tumbled from a Telstra tower onto the sidewalk of a busy street and some locals are not convinced it was an accident.

An image of the vandalized ‘5G small cell’ next to a vandalized shopping trolley on Boundary Road in Brisbane’s West End has shocked viewers on social media.

Telstra 5G small cells create a high-speed Internet hotspot for users within 20-50 meters of the device.

“I was driving through the West End and saw this 220+ pound monstrosity fall off a telephone pole and land on a shopping trolley,” the person who posted the image wrote on social media.

It is believed that a passing truck may have dislodged the heavy equipment, but some commentators were skeptical given the controversy surrounding 5G technology.

The small 5G cell that extends internet coverage landed on a curb (pictured) Wednesday morning, destroying a discarded shopping cart.

“It certainly didn’t fall by itself, someone did this,” said one observer.

“West End residents are not fully satisfied with the launch of 5G, I find it hard to believe this was just a drop off.”

Conspiracy theorists claim that 5G signals are harmful to human health, but organizations like the World Health Organization have declared the technology safe to use.

Telstra confirmed on Wednesday that the equipment that went down was a 5G small cell.

“We are aware that a 5G (fifth generation) small cell in Brisbane’s West End was damaged this morning,” a Telstra spokeswoman said. Yahoo News Australia.

Telstra has confirmed that the bulky mass was a small 5G cell (pictured, a file image) that fell

Telstra has confirmed that the bulky mass was a small 5G cell (pictured, a file image) that fell

‘Our technicians have been on site to ensure the area is safe and the equipment has been removed. We are investigating how the incident occurred.

“Customers in the area should not experience any coverage impact.”

The small cell is one of many Telstra 5G Wi-Fi hotspots dotted around the Brisbane City Hall area.

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