Television news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky becomes a COW farmer


The news anchor and former champion of Strictly Come Dancing plans to add about 100 cows to her farm.

Natasha owns 200 acres and maintains 10 alpacas, six hens and three sheep.

But after being harassed by thieves stealing equipment from a storage barn, she has presented plans to turn the building into a home for a herd manager to look after 60-100 organic dairy cows.

One source told the Daily Star Sunday: "The Natasha we see on TV basically has a double life, she is super glamorous, polished and united.


WELLY I NEVER: Natasha Kaplinsky will add cows to her farm

"But at home on the farm she's in water boots and out of hours." However, taking 100 cows is a pretty impressive step!

Natasha, 45, and her husband, Justin Bower, told the council they needed a full-time farm manager to run the business.

They currently employ two part-time workers who live six and ten miles away, respectively.

One of them will no longer be necessary if the conversion gets the go-ahead.

"The farm has been moving to organic complete with 60 to 100 dairy cows"

Natsaha planning agent

Natasha's planning agent said: "The farm has been moving to organic complete with 60 to 100 dairy cows.

"This can only happen if there is a full-time agricultural worker."

Plans show that the 15m x 9m barn will be converted into a three-room house 100m from the 15th-century Kaplinsky farm, classified as Grade II, near Uckfield, East Sussex.

The agent added: "This barn has been used for agricultural storage.

"But recently there have been several robberies in the barn and valuable items stolen.

"The barn, once converted, will retain its agricultural appearance."

Two years ago, the mother of the two was given the head for a replacement barn closer to the couple's house in an attempt to deter the thieves.

Wealden Council is expected to make a decision next month.