Teens ‘use illegal drugs on video’ during distance learning at Moriah College, Sydney

Teens ‘use illegal drugs on video’ during distance learning at one of Australia’s most prestigious schools during Sydney lockdown

  • Teens allegedly had drugs during online classes at Moriah College in Sydney
  • A video showed a young person cutting a white power with a credit card
  • Another, who the school said is an ex-student, had someone light a water pipe
  • School told parents some students were inviting non-students to Zoom classes Zoom

Teens hacked into online classes at one of Sydney’s most prestigious private schools, cutting up white powder with a credit card and showing off a bong.

Three videos were shot during Zoom classes at Moriah College, in the city’s eastern suburbs, and were widely shared among students last week.

The teens are believed to have not been students at the school but had access to the classroom in some way.

Schools in the Greater Sydney region have been forced to use online learning platforms for students while in lockdown to curb the worsening Covid-19 outbreak in Sydney.

Pictured: A teenager cutting an unidentified white powder on a Bart Simpson plate during online classes

One showed a teen clipping an unidentified powder on a Bart Simpson plate with a credit card, and another showed a youth — who the school says is an ex-student — lighting a hookah during a Jewish studies class.

The teacher was heard to threaten to ‘stop my class immediately, immediately…so if you know who the person is, you better get them out’.

A third video showed someone showing students how to handle illegal substances.

according to Sky News, the prestigious Jewish school sent an email to parents Friday evening warning that some students were inviting non-students to online classes.

Pictured: The unidentified white powder being cut with a credit card

Pictured: Someone reportedly smoking a bong during a Zoom class

One video showed a teen cutting a white substance with a credit card (left), while another showed someone allegedly smoking a hookah

“Some of these non-Moriah participants were smoking what appears to be an illegal substance…while being visible in our online classes,” the email read.

When Daily Mail Australia contacted Moriah College, a spokeswoman said: “We have no explanation as to the contents of the letter sent to parents on Friday.”

Sky News reported that the families of the students involved did not comment.

Obviously at least one of the videos is a white flour joke.