Teens brawl at house party in Palmerston Darwin as teen, 17, is knocked out

Shocking moment violent brawl breaks out between dozens of teenagers outside house party – with girl, 17, ‘knocked out by projectile’

  • Shocking footage of a Darwin party brawl shows dozens of youths fighting
  • Melee from Palmerston shows several young men and women trading blows
  • A 17-year-old girl was allegedly knocked unconscious by a projectile



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A house party in Darwin quickly went off the rails when dozens of youths started fighting outside.

The chaos saw a 17-year-old girl knocked unconscious by a projectile, who was later taken to hospital.

Footage from the melee shows a large group of young men and women arguing in a Palmerston car park outside a house party.

The feud escalates as a boy is pushed into a tree before more punches are thrown and a young man even jumps over a car to join in the proceedings before smashing his head into a lamp post.

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Shocking footage from a party in Darwin shows dozens of youths involved in a violent brawl – with a 17-year-old girl allegedly knocked unconscious by a projectile

American rapper Coolio’s classic Gangster’s Paradise can be heard blasting over the speakers as the fight spirals out of control.

Teenagers exchange punches and kicks as the fight moves around the parking lot, where several women are knocked down.

The horrifying video lasts about a minute, with repeated spot fires erupting across the dimly lit party.

Several young men are seen brandishing weapons as people crash into a fence.

A man comically tries to jump over the roof of a car only to smash his head into a light post.

According to local site Mango Enquirer, a 17-year-old girl was knocked unconscious after she was hit by a projectile.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted NT Police for comment on the footage.

The feud escalates as a boy is pushed into a tree before more punches are thrown and a young man even jumps over a car to join the proceedings before smashing his head into a light pole

The clip has been viewed more than 28,000 times and commentators claim the area is known for violence.

‘If you look at some of the kids, they just want to start fights. Pretty disgusting and disturbing behaviour,’ one person replied.

“Nothing like being around Palmerston,” commented another.

One woman wrote: ‘The guy throwing himself into the pole from the car, GOLD.’


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