<pre><pre>Teenage Engineering releases a limited edition Rick and Morty pocket synthesizer

Rick and Morty"The cast of crazy characters has always sounded like music to some people, and a new limited edition music device from Teenage Engineering finally makes that dream a reality.


The synthesizer, shown above, is part of Teenage Engineering & # 39; s popular pocket operator line. The small devices are often supplied with fully functioning drum machines, bass and noise percussion options, giving musicians access to a full-fledged band. The Rick and Morty Pocket Operator (PO-137) comes with a vocal synth and sequencer with a built-in microphone with eight different ones Rick and Morty character options. All voices are performed by co-creator, writer and actor Justin Roiland.

That's all Rick and Morty fans really need: the ability to make lo-fi numbers that trend on SoundCloud with Rick, Morty, Summer or other favorites. Serious. The device also includes an LCD screen, a folding stand, a memory of 120 seconds and an alarm clock, according to a press release.

Teenage Engineering & # 39; s Rick and Morty Pocket Operator will be available to purchase online in July and in stores in November. The company has not mentioned the price of the device, but the pocket operation line starts at $ 49 and goes up to $ 89.

Rick and Morty will return to Adult Swim in November with a new season.

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