Technology: Fake id Vs. Authority


In the 21 century, things are more and more technology-based. Technology is in our daily lives and they are part of every system.

Technological help can’t be denied, it helped us solve things, make things easier, and even more secure. But if the same technology is placed in the hands of those who don’t want to use it for the right purpose then things can be bad.

Fake ids

Identity cards are given to those who are above the age of eighteen. The identity card has a person’s information and social security number

Who needs a fake id and why?

Fake ids are usually used by teenagers who have not yet reached the legal age. This can be 18 or 21 depending on the country the person lives in. Hence, teenagers often get fake ids made. The purpose of these fake ids in most cases is to get access to clubs or liquor from stores. Rarely are they used in serious crimes.

How to get access to these ids?

There are many websites like this from where fake id can easily be ordered. The payments are done in bitcoins and the channels to receive are pretty private hence both the buyer and the seller remain anonymous.

Fake id is a lucrative business

Fake id is a lucrative business the students buying are often rich and they pay up the required amount. The expenditure on making these is on a machine that has to be bought once.

Fake ids are just like real

The fake ids getting are more and more advanced, they have copied off the real ids so well with holograms and everything that differentiating them from real ones just by looking is next to impossible. The authority takes one step to remove them and the makers are one step ahead to improve the fake ones.

How does the law punish the offenders?

Even if someone is caught using a fake id in a bar or a store the punishment is a sum of money and in severe cases jail time.

Action by authorities

The Authorities are training the guards to catch teenagers by their behavior and the difference between a fake and real id. They have even introduced a swiping machine that can detect fake ids.

The war seems to be never-ending and at this time it feels that the fake ids are winning. They even put in legitimate data in the Fake id. Their tricks were simple but as time grows they’re smarter and accurate.

Students feel that Fake ids are an experience of student life worth having and they’re a necessity if one wants to enjoy teenage. The parents and the authorities beg to differ stating that these are not just some harmless fun. This is the beginning of a downward spiral.

Though at this time it’s clear technologically – fake id makers are on the win while authorities seem to be lagging.