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Technical Problems That Frequently Occur With Your Boilers 


The average life expectancy of a boiler remains between 10 to 15 years. Some renowned brands of boilers manufacturing even offer 10 years limited warranty. Still, it is advisable to organize annual service sessions to figure out and rectify all potential technical faults. Boilers have to work in extreme temperature conditions. Therefore, malfunctioning is a common issue. When it comes to servicing and part replacement, always choose branded spares that are designed for long-lasting performance. We recommend OEM spares for every brand. For instance, choose Peerless repair parts if you have a boiler of this brand. Manufacturers design spare parts that are 100% compatible with their machinery. 

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Nowadays, availing original repair parts of boilers has become convenient because you can contact online suppliers. Along with manufacturers, several third-party suppliers also deliver required accessories to your location. Before placing an order, it should be clear which repair part is required for your particular problem. Below is a list of some frequent technical faults that you need to know. 

Common Problems with Boilers

  1. Low Pressure

Adequate pressure is the basic requirement of every boiler to work efficiently. You can conveniently monitor the required pressure from pressure gauge readings. Talking about the ideal pressure of most boilers, it should remain at 1.5 bar. Even a few lower bars are acceptable but it should not go below 1. If your boiler is facing a low-pressure issue, there can be three major reasons i.e. 

  • Malfunctioning radiator
  • System leakage
  • Failed seal

Never try to remove any boiler casing because it may be dangerous without the assistance of a qualified engineer. 

  1. Leakage

If your pressure valve for the pump seal is worn out, leakage will definitely occur. If you increase the pressure at extreme levels, the pressure valve gets severely affected. If the problem is occurring from the pump seal, it must be worn out and need immediate replacement. Don’t ignore even the smallest leakage issue because it can cause corrosion that gradually increases the leakage issue. Sometimes, poor installation can also be the reason for frequent leakage. Therefore, it is advisable to hire only a trained engineer for installation as well as replacement of parts. 

  1. No Heating

Heating is the primary objective of a boiler and the situation becomes frustrating when it cannot serve the purpose. Some of the common reasons behind no heating from the boiler are:-

  • Broken system diagrams
  • Hair locks
  • Broken thermostat
  • Low pressure
  • Fault in motorized valve

If the issue is with low pressure, it can be rectified with re-pressurizing. For other technical problems, you may need Peerless boiler parts and a certified technician holding adequate previous experience. 

  1. Faulty Radiator

If the heat is not distributed equally in the radiator, your boiler may stop working. Sludge or air inside the radiator sometimes results in cold patches. These patches cause different issues in different areas of a radiator. Bleeding a radiator can solve the issue of cold patches to an extent. Even you can perform this simple task by watching some tutorial videos. If the problem is still existing, find a technician holding in-depth knowledge. 

  1. A Strange Noise Coming From The Boiler

Sometimes, strange noises of banging, whistling and Garg Lene come from the boiler that should not be ignored. These noises usually occur while firing up the boiler. The most common reasons for these noises can be:-

  • Low water pressure
  • Malfunctioning pump
  • Air in the system
  • Kettling

Apart from these five most frequently occurring boiler issues, breakdown, frozen condensate pipe and frequently turning off pilot light can also disturb your regular work routine. Whether it is a Peerless oil boiler, biomass boiler or gas boiler, always choose branded OEM Replacement parts if you are expecting high endurance and long life. 

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