Team Ninja will reboot Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive

Good news for fans of badass ninjas and virtual babes. Developer Team Ninja has confirmed that the Ninja Gaiden and his fighting sequence Dead or Alive will reboot. This was revealed via a panel discussion in which major studio boss Fumihiko Yasuda explained more about future projects.

During the G-Star conference in Busan, South Korea, Yasuda showed a slide depicting Team Ninja’s two iconic series. Entitled ‘The future of Team Ninja – reboot of popular series’.

It’s not the first time Yasuda has expressed his desire to work on Ninja Gaiden again. Although he finally thinks the time is right. Team Ninja is currently working on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Rise of The Ronin. That’s why Yasuda is considering outsourcing the series to another studio or a younger internal team.

Yasuda could not say which option it will be. A collaboration with another studio requires a lot of direction. And a younger internal team must stay true to the classic formula. Well, apparently that knot has been made, because otherwise Team Ninja would not make the reboots public during a panel discussion.

During the panel discussion, Yasuda tempered expectations: the reboot plans have started, but development has yet to start. In other words, the reboots will be a long time coming.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Ni-Oh’s spiritual successor, will be released on March 3. At the same time, Team Ninja is also working on the samurai game Rise of the Ronin. Given that the latter is only planned for 2024, we are guessing that a new Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive will not be available before 2025.