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Taylor Swift Is Officially In Her Era Eras: Viral Moments From Her Tour So Far


As of Friday night, the global timeline can be divided into two distinct periods: the era before the “Eras” and the era after the “Eras”.

After a five-year hiatus from Taylor Swift’s tour painfully endured by the Swifties and extended by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global pop sensation is finally back on track for the Ticketmaster-busting live music event, it ignited an uprising of fanatics and galvanized Congress into action. : the Eras tour.

Since Swift’s epic U.S. arena tour kicked off on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, the internet has been awash with videos, social media posts and memes inspired by the three-plus hour set of the singer and composer.

“I don’t know how to process all of this and the way it makes me feel right now,” the “Lavender Haze” hitmaker told concertgoers on opening night. “I can’t even say how much I missed you because there’s no way to verbalize it.”

Only the lucky ones managed to secure tickets for the Eras tour, which features hits from Swift’s 10 studio albums. Fortunately for the millions who didn’t make the cut, there is already an endless amount of content available online to vicariously experience the concert of a lifetime from her.

(Swift is scheduled to close out her Eras tour with five shows at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium in August.)

Speak now or forever shut up if you’re not an intrepid Swift lover who has stayed up many nights in support of her artistry, because the rest of this post will be packed with sizzling viral moments and folklore surrounding the famous 1989-born vocalist. , and The Times has a reputation for publishing shameless Taylor Swift puns. Here are some key takeaways from the Eras Tour so far.

When Swift’s hair defied gravity

Sparks flew and Swift’s signature blonde locks unexpectedly stole the show Friday when static electricity caused the Grammy winner’s hair to stand on end during the “Red” portion of her performance in Glendale.

A video of “ElectroTaylor” singing “I Knew You Were Trouble” has been making the rounds on social media, where fans have been quoting electricity-themed lyrics from Swift with abandon.

“I’ve been laughing all day about this” tweeted @Princess_emm4.

“This is going to be in the Swifties meme book for years, oh you were tour, you’re already giving a lot,” tweeted @archie90551174.

It’s unclear exactly what sparked the phenomenon (too many fabric-creaking quickshifts, perhaps?), but there’s no denying that Swift’s performance was electrifying.

When he dove…onstage?

At one point during the set of her Eras tour, Swift goes from one song to the next by diving, yes, diving, through a trap door on the stage. and the fans were No ready for it.

The ambitious stunt requires Swift to fall headfirst through a narrow opening, while a projection of her swimming through the water illuminates the stage to complete the illusion. In footage from the concert, fans can be heard gasping and screaming in shock as the musician leaps into the void.

“In addition to being a 12-time Grammy Award winner, physician, director, one of the most acclaimed songwriters in the music industry, and having a record-breaking career in the arts, Taylor Swift is now searching for that Olympic swimming medal, check out that dive,” tweeted @invisibleday.

“Well, I see why Ticketmaster closed down”, tweeted @PrinceHAK33M. “This is entertainment.”

Even Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Katie Ledecky got into the diving talk, clapping Swift’s “10/10” form.

“Three hour shows. @taylorwift13 He’s definitely a long-distance swimmer.” the athlete tweeted.

When he did the ‘Bejeweled’ TikTok dance

During the “Midnights” leg of her show in Glendale, Swift proved she could still make the whole place sparkle by cavorting onstage in a sparkly, fringed bodysuit.

While it’s done the popular song “Bejeweled” on Friday, the artist paid a subtle tribute to her fans by strutting down the runway, twirling and wiggling her fingers. The whimsical move stems from a viral TikTok dance trend started by @mikaelarellanoWHO reacted with disbelief Swift performing her choreography in concert.


“NOT THE TIKTOK DANCE” tweeted @tvoodooirl.

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