Taylor Swift attracted fans to go after her rivals and now they are intoxicated

Taylor Swift wants the rights to her own music – and she may have just crossed an ethical limit to get it. On Thursday afternoon, Swift asked her giant army of fans to contact talent manager of the music industry Scooter Braun and former label boss Scott Borchetta to let & # 39; know how you feel & # 39; about their attempts to prevent her from performing her old hits on TV or using them in a Netflix documentary.


For that request, Taylor fans should of course know how to get in touch. So they immediately started doing the couple, and published what appeared to be the private contact information of Braun and Borchetta – including phone numbers and a physical home address – on Twitter.

More than a dozen people seem to be doing Braun and Borchetta on Twitter so far, but there are likely to be more – the hashtag #IStandWithTaylor is currently trending worldwide and she has also published the call-to-action on Instagram. The edge has not confirmed that the telephone numbers and address are legitimate, but we will not publish them if they are.

Although at first glance Swift's remark seems reasonable, doxxing is an extremely serious matter because there is no telling what a & # 39; passionate & # 39; anonymous fan base could do with those phone numbers and addresses once they are exposed, and there is no place back in the bottle once they are on the internet. It is not only potential harassment over the phone; people died after being beaten, where an angry fan calls on a fake gun or bomb threat to get a SWAT team into someone's home.

Both Twitter and Instagram have a policy that prohibits doxxing, and we have contacted both to ask if they will leave Swift's post on the internet and what they will do about its controversial call-to-action.

It may seem unfair that one of & # 39; the world's greatest pop stars does not have the rights to master recordings of her own music – that's what this fight is about – and can't use it the way she wants. It is even more frustrating if the stories that Swift tells about how that music ended up in Braun's hands are true. But for the last time we heard that Swift thought she had another option re-record her own original songs.

Instead, she asks fans to wage war for her in a way that she cannot control, and that is dangerous.


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