Tanya Home Inspiration: A woman in the UK comes up with a divisive mopping technique

Cleaning guru’s ‘mind-blowing’ trick to mopping floors divides the internet: ‘This could change my life’

  • A UK cleaning guru has revealed her favorite trick for getting squeaky-clean floors
  • Divisive trick ensures you’re only using clean mopping water every time
  • She puts a bucket inside her mop to separate clean and dirty water.
  • Some fans love the ‘genius’ gimmick, while some skeptics have deemed it ‘useless’.

A popular home style and cleaning guru has shared her self-proclaimed ‘mind-blowing’ hack for gleaming floors.

British cleaning expert Tanya, who runs the page tanyahomeinspoplace a small container of clean water and floor cleaner in the bucket of your mop, so clean and dirty water don’t come into contact.

The London-based NHS worker uploaded her clever hack to Facebook, but her followers are divided on whether it really is ‘mind-blowing’ or completely ‘useless’.

British cleaning expert Tanya, who runs tanyahomeinspo, places a small container of clean water and floor cleaner in the bucket of her mop, so dirty and clean water don’t come into contact.

The Cleaning Guru, Who Runs The Tanyahomeinspo Page, Often Shares Tips And Tricks For Her Fans, But This Particular Trick Doesn'T Win Over Many.

The cleaning guru, who runs the tanyahomeinspo page, often shares tips and tricks for her fans, but this particular trick doesn’t win over many.

“This trick will leave you speechless,” said the cleaner when the controversy rose video.

She puts a small bucket inside her Vileda spin mop bucket, then fills it with floor cleaner and boiling water.

He dips his mop into the smaller bucket and rinses it in the wringer, excess water going into the larger bucket.

This way, the dirty and clean water are separated and she only dips the mop into clean water.

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The hack turned out to be divisive online.

Some of Tanya’s followers loved the trick.

“Have to say, mind blowing reels never live up to expectations but this could change my life, I’m a mopping freak,” one woman enthused.

“This is how you only clean with clean water,” another commented.

However, others deemed the hack “useless” claiming the mop was dirty after using it on the floor.

‘Ummmmm, the dirty mop still goes into the clean water,’ one woman commented.

Tanya’s controversial cleaning method:

1. Place a small bucket in a Vileda Spin Mop Bucket, then fill with floor cleaner and boiling water

2. Dip mop directly into smaller bucket and rinse in mop wringer.

3. Dirty and clean water are now separated and you only dip the mop into clean water

(Font: tanyahomeinspo)

‘Once you put the mop back in the bucket after washing the first part of the floor do you have dirty water? Really a pointless trick,’ said another.

“Unless you wash that mop before dipping it into the cleaning solution, you’re dipping a dirty mop into clean solution,” another agreed.

Previously, Tanya went viral after revealing how to get your oven racks sparkling clean using frozen dishwashing liquid.

In A Tiktok Video, Tanya Poured Fairy Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid Into Ice Cube Trays And Then Used The Frozen Ice Cubes To Clean Her Oven And Clothes.

Stubborn Food Stains Can Be Seen Sliding Off Oven Racks With Ease Using The Frozen Cubes.

In a TikTok video, Tanya poured Fairy antibacterial dishwashing liquid into ice cube trays and then used the frozen ice cubes to clean her oven and clothes.

She started by pouring Fairy antibacterial dishwashing liquid into ice cube trays and letting the detergent freeze for a few hours.

Stubborn food stains can be seen sliding off the oven racks with ease using the frozen cubes.

Tanya cleaned the oven racks over a sink filled with soapy water while wearing rubber gloves.

After constantly sliding the steel, the frozen cubes seemed to turn to a “mushy” gelatinous consistency and the grates gleamed.

She also added two cubes of frozen detergent to the washing machine drum to remove stains from her white clothes.

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