Talkspace 5 Secret Stressors That Are Killing You

Stress is a natural part of your life. It is an instinct that is built inside of you in order to protect you from danger. A new baby, moving and death in the family are some of the things that can cause you to feel stress. While stress is a part of life, too much of it can harm your health. High blood pressure, weakened immune system, high blood pressure and anxiety are some of the health problems that have been linked to stress.

That is why Talkspace therapists recommend that people get their stress under control. However, in order to for you to manage your stress, you will have to find the source of it. The following is a list of the top five stressors.

No Work/Life Balance

Many people are spending more time at work than at home. People take on more responsibility as they move up the ladder. Not only can this be stressful, but it can also cause people to neglect their home life. Some of the signs of poor work/life balance include poor physical health, fatigue, burnout and increased risk of substance abuse.

Being Obsessed With Smartphone Devices

We live in a world where people are obsessed with their smartphones. Even though this can help you stay connected, spending too much time on your smartphone can cause stress. That is why Talkspace therapists recommend that you reduce the amount of time that you spend on your smartphone.

The average person checks their home 80 times a day. In order to fight the urge to spend hours on the phone, you should set a timer.

Stress at Home

Most doctors will ask if you feel safe at home. The reason that they ask that is because home stress can wreak havoc on your health. Most households require that two incomes. Long working hours can put stress on the children and the parents. Divorce and blending families can also cause a lot of stress.

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder. If someone in your family has anxiety, then you will be more likely to develop it.

Few Quality Relationships

Talkspace therapists recommend that you have several quality relationships with people. Good relationships can improve your mental and physical health. Crowded calendars and excess screen time can make it harder for you to have great interpersonal relationships.

You can lower your stress by spending time with family members and friends. You should put the smart phone devices away when you are spending time with your loved ones.

Personal Insecurities

Confidence is one of the keys to dealing with the everyday challenges of life. If you are not happy and at peace with yourself, then your life will be a lot more stressful. Studies have shown that people who have low self-esteem have a much harder time coping with day-to-day stressors.

Social media is one of the causes of low self-esteem. People get on social media and have a tendency to compare themselves to others. You can boost your self-esteem by setting aside time for self-care. Volunteering is another thing that you can do to feel better about yourself.