TALK OF THE TOWN: The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby’s Farmer Shock


TALK OF THE TOWN: The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby reveals she wants to burp in front of the camera in all her future movie roles

After playing the delightfully ill-mannered Princess Margaret in The Crown, Vanessa Kirby says farming will be the way forward for all of her acting roles.

‘Being a woman is so imperfect and messy. There are ugly parts and there are beautiful, exquisite parts – so if I could burp in all of my movies, I think I’d be happy, ” says Vanessa, 33, ahead of her new film Pieces Of A Woman, in which her character belches during childbirth.

‘I don’t want to show a perfect version of a woman that I don’t identify as myself. I think it was important to reflect that I was unpleasant or unpalatable, uncomfortable, unattractive. ‘

I would say the chances of Vanessa being unattractive no matter how often she burps are pretty slim!

Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby, pictured left playing Princess Margaret in The Crown, says ahead of her new film Pieces Of A Woman, which shows her character belching during labor

Despite reports that they saved their marriage in 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk are living separate lives, it seems.

I hear that instead of with her husband in the family chair, Arundel Castle, the Duchess has a house nearby with a view of the castle.

The Duke and Duchess were married in 1987 in Arundel Cathedral for 800 guests.

They had five children before breaking up in 2011, but were reportedly reunited five years ago.

The castle’s staff declined to comment.

I’m not sure Facebook has a category for this kind of relationship status update!

Trust the Lawn Tennis Association to be as draconian as propriety allows this tennis season.

The message reaches me that spectators at both Queen’s and Wimbledon must wear masks at all times – even outside!

The guidelines of the LTA are: “Masks should be worn in the sitting area and around the room, unless eating or drinking.”

My sources at Queen’s tell me this news is the talk of the clubhouse. But here’s some good news: As you do alone at Queen’s is champagne, nibble on sandwiches, and dunk strawberries in cream anyway, we’re all exempt!