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talk | Is the PlayStation brand suffering from a deep crisis, or has it deliberately appeared in this way?!


The main PlayStation event has ended PlayStation Showcase 2023 Which sparked controversy greatly, and although it contained some distinguished and expected titles for many years, and its success in satisfying a group of players, it left behind unprecedented discontent among another group of players around the world.

One of the reasons for this reaction that we are witnessing through social media, and many international sites, is the complete absence of large studios and huge titles that were desperately expected to appear in the expected PlayStation event. This event has been absent from the scene for more than two years, when we are supposed to see advertisements. Huge reassures the public about the future of the PlayStation brand, which Sony did not succeed in, leaving behind an opportunity for competitors to carry out a “counterattack”, so to speak.

PlayStation studios are suffering from an internal crisis

We no longer know or are certain of what is happening recently in the corridors of the Sony company studios, and what appears to us to the public is that the PlayStation studios are suffering from a crisis that has surfaced some of its effects, which were represented in several events, including ..

  • Media Molecule, developer of the iconic building game Dreams, has closed down.
  • A large number of Macrons have been expelled from the PlayStation Visual Arts studio.
  • The closure of the PixelOpus studio, which was working on an exclusive game project for the PlayStation 5.
  • A large number of developers at the Deviation Games studio have been laid off.
  • Naughty Dog has announced that The Last of Us multiplayer has been delayed.
  • Reports confirm the difficulty and problems with the development of the game Star Wars KOTOR.

Is all of the above considered sufficient to ensure that the conditions of the Sony game studios are very bad, so there is nothing left but to wait for the coming weeks to see where things are heading there inside PlayStation studios. Will Sony work to change its well-known focus on narrative titles and deviate to another different path by expanding in the field of long-term live service games?

PlayStation deliberately appeared in this way.

On the other hand, there are those who suggest another theory that is completely different from what appears to everyone, and it is closely related to the issue of Microsoft’s acquisition of the publisher and developer of the Call of Duty game, Activision, and the decision of the British Capital and Markets Authority (CMA) to refuse to complete the deal within the territory of the United Kingdom.

This category believes that Sony deliberately did not appear as a strong company that still has giant projects within its well-known studios, and deliberately avoided disclosing them at the present time. This matter was also referred to by the journalist. Tom Henderson mn through Published Through his own blog, he also indicated that Sony’s first-party titles are ready for release.

We also see Sony deliberately choosing to show a large number of third-party titles such as Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, Alan Wake 2, Neva, Immortals, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Ghost Runner 2, and more, as it appears that all of them will also be released on the competing Xbox device. Series X|S.

This matter was exploited by the social media accounts of the Xbox and tweeted in a successful attempt to provoke its competitor, the PlayStation, and remind the players through this tweet, which most media outlets interacted with, that everything that was shown in the Sony event will be released on the Xbox, and most likely some of it will be available from Day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Here, some see that Microsoft swallowed the bait, as it has always assured the organizers through its letters, and on more than one occasion that it does not have exclusive titles for its platforms as PlayStation does, and it has always reminded them of huge titles that Sony is working on.

Microsoft previously claimed that Sony’s games are better than its own games in terms of quality, as the company’s point of view is that the PlayStation has more exclusive games. So it doesn’t necessarily need titles like Call of Duty to be more successful.

Microsoft has always been clearly indicating and mentioning many of the PlayStation exclusives in which Sony excels in the market, and that a title game such as Call of Duty will not affect the platform’s sales, but it has previously come through its legal team that the Super-Man game is under development.

Which of the two theories is more convincing to you?

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