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Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn DLC expansion releases Nov 9 


We are honored to announce Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn. Through this expansion, players will enjoy a story that represents the world after the main story of Tales of Arise, which launched in September 2021.

This is the first DLC in the Tales of series that is a direct continuation of the main story on this scale. We’ll discuss what players can expect from the story and why we made the decision to create it.

(*This article contains spoilers for Arise’s main story. Please Be Careful.)

An expansion that aims to satisfy

Take a first look at the game below:

In this title, you will be able to experience a new story and adventure set in the world after the union of two worlds. You will be able to enjoy the story of a new encounter with a girl named Nazamil and experience the reunion of Alphen and her group to face the fierce destiny that she has followed.

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The new character Nazamil is a girl of Dahnan and Renan blood and is the daughter of a Lord who stood in the player’s way in the main Arise story (we will keep which Lord’s daughter she is a secret until you play). ). We hope you’ll speculate and discuss the details you see in the trailer and wonder if the people of the new united world will accept her quirk or suffer a harsh fate.

The new story is huge and I spent over 20 hours immersed in this new narrative experience during the test, taking my time to re-explore the new world that has merged into one. Our goal with this title, and one thing we were sure of during testing, is that for players, this new experience would be similar to the feeling you get when you watch a movie and it turns out to be good.

Since the release of Arise, we have received many requests from people who have enjoyed the main story for a continuation of the story and the development team has had in-depth discussions and deliberations about what kind of meaning and appeal would be needed if we were to seriously go further. beyond the original story. It was also a way to reflect on what Arise was to us.

What Arise has left us

The main story of Arise describes the liberation from servitude between two worlds and two races, and the relationship between Alphen and Shionne. Two people who could be considered opposites, embarked on a journey of significant change and growth through their journey from servitude to equality, from rejection to understanding, marking the dawn of a new heart.

The protagonist, Alphen, denies personal sacrifice to save the world at the end of his journey, turning the ideals of mutual understanding and coexistence into power and performing miracles. In this sense, Arise’s story was also a work of greater magnitude than the previous Tales of works.

However, only one rival, Vholran, adamantly denies this until the end, leaving behind the curse that “if you choose to walk that path… you choose a path of betrayal, despair and corruption.”

You are right: there will be new challenges and frictions in the world beyond.

Still, they will be able to overcome these obstacles with their parties that are deeply linked to them. The story of dawn ends with hope for the future, keeping a trace of anxiety in their hearts.

1694738206 424 Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn DLC expansion releases

So is the dawn really that bright for everyone? …and how should they walk in the new world?

The appeal of “Tales of” as a continuing life story

1694738208 604 Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn DLC expansion releases

I like these intriguing stories that remain, that sometimes reflect reality. On the other hand, I love looking back at the character’s later life and suddenly wondering how the characters continue to deal with the world afterwards in response to that question.

We decided to focus on these emotions and develop this title to find them once again and share with you the image of them growing one more level. As the name Beyond the Dawn suggests, this is a simple story about the future and the reality that awaits us beyond the dawn, directly following Alphen’s journey.

It’s also a reflection of the Tales of team’s underlying philosophy that the stories of characters’ lives continue beyond the boundaries of the product.

Perhaps due to the strength of this desire, the volume of additional DLC exceeded our initial expectations and the quality of the cutscenes has improved even further, leading me to the feeling I had when I tried the finished product: “Oh, it’s just like watch a good movie…”.

We would like to remind you that although the gameplay itself is inherited from Arise and does not change significantly, along with new dungeons, a variety of new quests and attractive additional costumes, Beyond the Dawn is a completely immersive experience. Stay tuned for more details in the future.

Additionally, although the story of Beyond the Dawn is a sequel to the main story, we wanted all users to be able to enjoy the game with the appropriate level of design. To ensure this, a certain level of skills and other statuses are provided at the beginning, and we do not adopt a simple transfer of levels and statuses from the main game. Instead, we have prepared bonuses such as money and skill points based on the clear data of the main game, so we hope you will enjoy the new story while taking advantage of these bonuses and developing the characters to your liking.

1694738210 652 Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn DLC expansion releases

Of course, for those who haven’t played Arise yet, it has been created to be enjoyed as a series of stories in combination with Beyond the Dawn, and we are also offering a special package, so we look forward to this opportunity to join you again in Arise.

Now, let’s go beyond the dawn of time. We look forward to this opportunity to join more people in the world of Tales of Arise once again on November 9.

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