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Take-Two retreats of $ 70 games that are the norm for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The video game companies all remain relatively silent as to whether they plan to universally increase game prices from $ 60 to $ 70 with the launch of next-gen consoles later this year. But of the more vocal, publishing house Take-Two Interactive has recently been flopping in its public statements, causing a bit of confusion in the process.

After initially being the first company to say it would raise the price of next-gen versions of it NBA 2K20, CEO Strauss Zelnick says that these may not be the company’s plans all of them of the next generation of titles in the future. “We definitely announce pricing by title,” Zelnick said Monday evening in a profit call (through Ars Technica). “I would just like to note that there has been no price hike in the front line for a long time, although costs have increased significantly.”

Zelnick repeated that feeling in one interview yesterday with Gameindustry.bizby saying that rising development costs may affect prices in the future. “There has been no price increase for frontline titles for a long time, despite the fact that it costs a lot more to create those titles,” he said. “And we think that with the value we provide to consumers … and the kind of experience you can really only have on these next-generation consoles, the price is justified. But it is easy to say that when you deliver exceptional quality, and that is what our company is proud of. ”

Game companies can sell their products for any price they want, and there’s plenty of reason to raise prices by $ 10 per unit, as major games from publishers have both kept the same price for nearly 15 years and have become much more expensive to make. Many publishers and developers have offset those rising costs by treating games as services and generating new forms of revenue, such as microtransactions, battle passes, seasonal content and other digital goods. But some games also generate less income Fortnite or Duty, and so it makes sense that some companies would consider a price increase.

The only problem is that it seems that no company wants to take the plunge first. Take-Two was the most vocal, but even then it only said it would increase the price of one game, and only for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions. Ubisoft has said it would keep its new generation of releases at $ 60 this fall as those games can already be reserved right now and also include cross-gen releases for existing platforms.

But the large platform holders are also silent. Nintendo almost never comments on awards, and Sony doesn’t even have green-lit pre-orders for next-gen third-party launch titles for the PS5. We got close, with Comments from Xbox chief Phil Spencer The Washington Post. “As an industry, we can praise anything we want, and the customer will decide what is the right price for them,” Spencer said in the interview last month. “I’m not negative about people setting a new price for games, because I know that everyone will make their own decisions based on their own business needs. But gamers today have more choice than ever before. Ultimately, I know that the customer has control over the price they pay, and I trust that system. ”

But Spencer’s comments suggest that it’s up to the publishers and developers to make this decision themselves. Of course, when a company does it, others are likely to follow – as long as there is no hard and vocal rejection from consumers. Take-Two, which owns Rockstar and other popular daughter studios, can definitely get away from here if it’s the pioneer. But it seems that even Zelnick is a bit wary of a full dedication to the $ 70 video game.

So we will probably have a much better idea of ​​the pricing strategy coming this fall, as launch schedules for both next-generation consoles tighten, unless publishers decide to make the decision and wait until next year.