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Take-Two is hinting at the release of GTA 6 in the next year, 2024


There is no doubt that the most awaited open world game at the level of players around the world, GTA 6, will steal all the lights when it appears in the open for the first time, but when will that come when we have been waiting for more than 9 years since the release of its last parts?

But it appears that the publishing company Take-Two A few moments ago, she revealed the release date of this upcoming title, which is likely to be released during the next year, as this appeared through the latest annual earnings report in which the publisher shared her expectations for the coming years for the fiscal years 2025 and 2026, and here are the most important things mentioned in it:

“Looking ahead, fiscal 2025 is a highly anticipated year for Take-Two.”

“Over the past several years, we have been positioning our business to launch a solid pipeline of projects that we believe will take our company to the greatest levels of success.”

“During the fiscal year 2025, we expect to enter this important and new era by issuing many important and famous games that we believe will set new and important standards in our industry in our pursuit of more than $8 billion.”

We expect to be able to maintain this success by delivering at higher levels in fiscal 2026 and beyond.


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For those who are unlikely to witness the release of the GTA 6 game at the end of next year or the following year, and therefore with the fifth part, which achieved great success for the publisher Take-Two, approaching its completion 10 years ago, and although it did not explicitly mention or hint at the Grand Theft Auto series, the company You need to do more than that, whether in terms of diversifying titles or improving performance, in order to reach those astronomical numbers mentioned.

In any case, until now, the GTA 6 game has not officially appeared, the announcement was only indicating that the developer Rockstar is working on the next series title, and there are no official details about the game yet except for the huge leaks that the game was exposed to, in addition to a huge amount from rumors. However, there are many rumors and speculations about what the sixth part of the series will offer

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Many sources suggest that Rockstar may reveal the game before the end of this year 2023, while a rental form appeared recently attributed to T2, according to its anonymous source, trying to rent one of the largest hotels in Miami in order to place a poster for a large game that the company is preparing to reveal, starting from the summer of this year. . You can see the details in our report.

Game developer Rockstar and publisher Take-Two promised us new details about the next part when they are fully ready to do so, and even then it is not recommended to deal with rumors until they are officially confirmed. Will we see the game released next year? And when will it be announced in your opinion?

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