Take care of your heart when pregnant

When one is pregnant it can always stress out the heart and the circulatory regime of the body. So, when one gets pregnant, then the blood volume in the body increases at least 30 to 50 percent and this happens so that it can also nourish the growing foetus inside the body.

So, depending on the heart condition while pregnant, one needs to take heart medications accordingly. But sometimes these heart problems can only persist during the nine months of pregnancy and when it is over and the baby comes out the heart rate becomes normal just like it was before pregnancy.

But one can also bear the risk of getting heart problems when they are pregnant and this completely depends on how severe their heart condition is.

  • There can be some heart rhythm issues that are very common and they are also very minor problems that happen during pregnancy and so they are never a matter of concern. But sometimes one may also feel the need for the treatment of arrhythmia and so one needs to see a doctor immediately because then they will prescribe some medicines which has to be taken immediately.
  • When one suffers from the heart valve issues or having some artificial heart valves then that can increase some complications when one gets pregnant. When the heart valves are not working properly, then one can also have trouble in tolerating the increase of the blood flow in the body when they are pregnant. Also, when one has artificial valves then they can also carry some increased risk and sometimes even life threatening infections at the lining of the heart. But if one wants to take some blood thinners then it can also put the baby’s life at risk. So, one has to be very careful about the medicines they take.
  • Also, when the volume of the blood increases then there can also be a chance of getting congestive heart failure. One can have this issue since birth and this can also give rise to some higher rate of heart defects as well.

There can be some heart conditions that can be considered to be more serious than the other heart issues. These are; narrowing of aortic or the mitral valves which can cause some life threatening situations for both the baby and the mother. It depends on the situation that what kind of treatment or surgery is required there.

One also needs to remember that whatever medicine one takes during pregnancy might affect the baby. So blood pressure medication for pregnancy should always be consulted with the concerned doctor. Whatever medication is needed it has to be taken according to the appropriate dose and only a doctor knows how to prescribe it. One should always take the medicine exactly the way it has been prescribed.

But if one has already heart problems and issues they always need to consult a gynaecologist before they decide on conceiving a baby because they also need to gauge the risk factors.