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The SNP financial crisis compared to a Line of Duty plot featuring Nicola, Peter, Yousaf, and a small donkey!

Nicola, Peter, Yousaf and the little camper! SNP financial crisis compared...

A suggested rewritten title is: “ANDREW NEIL: Those in favor of the Union should hope for a stable and lengthy tenure for SNP’s Humza...

The SNP's fall from grace has been spectacular, both in speed and magnitude. If anyone had submitted What Happened as a draft script...

My Encounter with Yousaf: A Reminder of an Inheritor to a Quirky Aunt’s Castle, by Henry Deedes

Some presents come in large boxes, others are tied in cute pink ribbons. For Scottish Labor and Conservatives, the biggest gift of all...

Scotland could get rid of the monarchy within five years, says Humza Yousaf, leader of the SNP

The SNP's leading Republican candidate, Humza Yousaf, has declared that Scotland could shed the monarchy within five years of independence and replace King Charles...

Humza Yousaf ‘skipped vote on gay marriage’ because of his religious views, former colleague claims

SNP leader Humza Yousaf deliberately skipped the final vote on same-sex marriage in the Scottish Parliament because of his religious views, a former colleague...


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