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Shocking video shows former ‘tranq dope’ xylazine user in Nashville with a gaping wound

Shocking images have emerged of injuries sustained by a former xylazine user after his skin rotted away. A harm reduction page on TikTok shared...

Israeli Airstrikes Wound Three Civilians in Syria

Three civilians were wounded when Israeli airstrikes targeted a site near the Syrian city of Homs early Saturday, Syrian media reported. “At around 00:50 (2150...

Koko Da Doll, Kokomo City’s shining star, tragically found dead at 35 in Southwest Atlanta from a fatal gunshot wound.

Coco da Doll, who appeared in the Sundance Film Festival documentary Kokomo City earlier this year, was found dead at the age of 35...

“Deep Flesh Wound at Schlotterbeck’s”

Bochum's defender Keven Schlotterbeck suffered a deep laceration on his right leg in the game at Union Berlin. That's what coach Thomas Letsch...

Nurse suffers 6-inch wound after being bitten by 220lb shark in Maldives, in a terrifying experience.

This is the shocking moment when a 220-pound shark sank its teeth into a snorkeler and left her with a six-inch grizzly wound on...

Electronic wound dressing releases drugs to help injuries heal

Technology A stretchable sticking plaster detects whether an injury is healing well and uses stimulating electrodes and microinjections of drugs to speed up the process By Chris Stokel-Walker This wound-monitoring smart patch could one day be used to speed healing in humans – so far it has been tested in mice and rats Wei Gao

Billionaire financier Thomas H. Lee found by female assistant with gunshot wound to the head

Billionaire financier Thomas H. Lee was discovered by his assistant in his office bathroom with a gunshot wound to the head and his Smith...


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