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Rental crisis: We’re a family of five and we’ve been forced to live in a tin shed

A family of five has been forced to live in a tiny tin shed for 18 months after hundreds of rental applications were rejected...

Dean Smith makes bizarre ‘achievement’ claim if Leicester stay up ‘with group of players we’ve got’

Dean Smith bizarrely claims it will be 'an achievement' if Leicester stay...

Despite What We’ve Been Told, Majority Believes Climate Change is Happening in the Present.

A quick internet search for "climate change images" quickly yields the familiar photo of a lone polar bear on a...

Treasurer Chalmers has a $70 billion-a-year budget gap: We’ve found 13 ways to fill it

Nobody likes spending cuts and tax hikes, but in our estimation the government will soon need more if they are to make a dent...

‘We’ve lost the aqueduct’: How severe flooding threatens a Los Angeles water lifeline

OLANCHA, Calif. For more than 100 years, the Los Angeles Aqueduct has endured earthquakes, flash floods, and dozens of bombing attacks...

We’ve got plenty of AI now but who asked for it? El Reg’s vultures chime in

Register Kettle AI-powered chatbots are 2023's hot tech topic, although users report the results they produce are mixed. At best. Clockwise from the top left corner is Jessica Hardcastle, Thomas Claburn, Brandon Vigliarolo, our host Iain Thomson, and Chris Williams. While Google has taken its Bard system public in a limited form and Microsoft has

Celebrity My Sister’s Keeper Author Jodi Picoult Reveals We’ve ALL Missed Her Name

Bestselling author Jodi Picoult has finally revealed the correct way to pronounce her name, after years of hearing her fans say the nickname incorrectly.Jodi,...


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