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My weekly horoscope: What will April 8th bring for my star sign? Oscar Kayner says it all

happy easter! This week, when Venus (the planet of love and pleasure) changes signs and aligns with Pluto (the planet of transformation), new...

My weekly horoscope: What will April 1-8, 2023 bring for my star sign? Oscar Kayner says it all

April brings a blue solar eclipse. Although it is only visible in Australia and Southeast Asia, it affects us all. And its...

Weekly poll results: the popularity of foldables is rapidly increasing, horizontal ones in the lead

Some see them as unnecessary, while others think they are the only innovative phones on the market right now – foldables are not ready to take over the market yet, but they are quickly growing in popularity as can be seen in last week’s poll. Price and durability are still the main concerns and most

Weekly deals: the best smartphone deals from the US, Canada, the UK, and India

We check back on old deals we’ve listed and sometimes we find that the price has gone up – in some cases, it’s just a temporary discount that has expired, in others the price fluctuates with demand (and available supply). However, some phones – like flagships – have nowhere to go but down. This is

Weekly poll: Samsung Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, fan favorites or a missed opportunity?

Samsung’s Galaxy A series is a crowd-pleaser – it looks and feels a lot like the pricier Galaxy S models without costing nearly as much. Sure, the cameras aren’t as nice, performance is lower and so on, but the A series thrives on being “good enough” That is why the arrival of the Galaxy A54

Prince Andrew joins Prince Edward on his weekly horseback ride through Windsor

The Duchess of Edinburgh took her late father-in-law's carriage to Windsor this morning, as her husband Prince Edward joined his brother Andrew on horseback.Sophie,...

My weekly horoscope: What will March 18, 2023 bring for MY zodiac sign? Oscar Cainer tells it all

Our skies are busy this week of the Equinox. Jupiter aligns with newly Piscean Saturn, and Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time...


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