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People left mind-blown after man shows how you can pour cola without waiting for the fizz to go down

Nothing beats a cool Coca-Cola when it's hot outside. But in your rush, it foams over the counter as the bubbles burst over...

People are only just realising how digestive biscuits got their name… and they aren’t impressed

People are just now realizing how digestive biscuits got their name... and...

I’m a wine expert and here’s why you should NEVER put the cork back into a bottle of wine

It should probably happen more often than it does now... but there are occasions when you put that cork back in the bottle at...

Man sparks furious online debate after PADLOCKING his milk in the office fridge

A man has sparked a furious online debate after he shared a photo of a sealed four-pint bottle of milk in his work fridge.While...

Mother’s homemade weed killer using three household products cost her just 68p

Mother's homemade weed killer with three household products only cost her 68...

You’ve been storing bananas WRONG! Expert reveals how to keep your fruit fresh for up to 15 days

It's no secret that bananas ripen super fast in any household if left on the counter or in the fruit bowl. Now a...


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