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My selfish children are trying to SUE me over their inheritance

Dear Jane,I'm 70, widowed 2 years ago, and I recently decided it was time to sell my house. I have three children, all...

I’ve Invested a Fortune in Plastic Surgery as I Fear Being Unwanted Due to Age.

Dear Jane,I've been single for a large part of my life. It's never been a problem, I don't mind being single, and I've...

I lied to my husband for years about wanting kids

Dear Jane,I have been married to my husband for four years, and for six. When we first met, it seemed like we agreed...

Inside the massive $44 million Colorado mansion perched atop Mt

If you fancy being the king or queen of the hill, this $44 million mountain home is definitely the way to go. Perched atop...

We gave up the truck life in an off-the-grid cabin in the woods and just endured a 40-degree Fahrenheit winter.

A couple who lived in a converted truck for four years to avoid expensive apartments have revealed that they are now working on a...

Five dating mistakes rich people make that give potential lovers the ‘shit’

They say money can't buy class.and New York etiquette expert Micah MeyerDating experiences are proof of this adage.Drawing on her previous life as a...

Bought a house in Detroit to be TORN DOWN for $6.5K and sold for $410K

Talk about seeing potential. Two renovation experts tell how they bought a run-down property with missing walls, rotting walls, and missing floorboards for just...


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