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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 gameplay review

The game will be available on home devices and PC at a later timeSaber Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment have shared with us a...

Total War: Warhammer 3 – Chaos Dwarfs: The new DLC collects bad Steam Reviews – WhatsNew2Day

The Chaos Dwarves are making a mess of Steam ratings. Somewhere there is a pun about little dwarfs who cause big problems, but many Total...

Total War: Warhammer 3 – Next week there’s another DLC that you don’t even have to pay for

You can wave your lance around with joy. On April 13, 2023, not only will the chaos dwarfs stir up the battles of Total War:...

Warhammer 40,000 brings back the Lion, Primarch of the Dark Angels

Warhammer 40,000 is an environment besieged by heretics, mutants, aliens, and corrupt politicians and preachers. There are no good guys in...

Warhammer 40K’s grimdark setting besieged by terrifying bugs

Warhammer 40,000 enters its 10th edition, with streamlined new rules and a host of new models for players to paint and deploy....

Warhammer 40,000 10th edition lands this summer with streamlined rules, new format

After months of teasing its fans mercilessly, Games Workshop finally announces the 10th edition of Warhammer 40,000, are marquee miniatures wargame. ...


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