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Monday, September 25, 2023

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Valve: don’t expect a faster Steam Deck ‘in the next couple of years’

It's important to us that Deck offers a fixed performance target for developers and that the message to customers is simple, where each Deck...

Valve is taking up to 20 percent off the Steam Deck to celebrate Steam’s 20th anniversary

For those who don't know, Valve's Steam Deck wasn't exactly a winner when it launched early last year. However, it's come a long...

Valve is seemingly gearing up to sell refurbished Steam Decks

Valve might be selling refurbished Steam Decks soon. The creator of the SteamDB database. he tweeted on monday about Steam Decks "renewed certificates"...

Valve will not approve Steam games that use AI artwork that infringes copyright

On Thursday, several outlets reported on a June Reddit Post from user potterharry97 saying that Steam would no longer publish games with AI-generated content....

Nintendo sends a DMCA notice to Valve to remove the Dolphin | emulator -WhatsNew2Day

Nintendo has sent a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice to the developers of the open source Dolphin emulator as...

Lava doesn’t fit Counter-Strike? Valve sees it differently – WhatsNew2Day

The floor is lava in CS:GO! With the new update even a little more than already. Most people think of Bowser's Fortress from Super...

In the dramatic dispute, Dark and Darker is now asking Valve for help – WhatsNew2Day

The dispute over Dark and Darker on Steam is entering the next round. The drama surrounding Dark and Darker continues. After the South Korean...


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