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This is how cars could look by 2050, according to experts (and imagined by AI)

Technologies such as autonomous driving, nanotech screens and augmented reality are poised to reshape the cars we drive, experts have told DailyMail.com.They predict that...

Love is in the A.I.r: Bronx mom, 36, marries virtual husband ‘Eren’

As artificial intelligence fuels fears around the world, the technology has given a New York woman the love of her life.Rosanna Ramos, a petite,...

Here’s what the home of the future might look like, according to AI

Technologies such as robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape our living environment in the coming years.DailyMail.com spoke to futurists about...

Do YOU suffer from ‘mom guilt’? Experts reveal how to overcome it

Thanks to the internet, new moms can share the best moments of motherhood, but also feel guilty for not being the "perfect Instagram parent."...

How NASA’s James Webb is leading the search for alien life that could be detected in ’25 years’

Humans are about to discover alien life on a distant planet.This is according to scientists who said that based on everything known about physics,...

Are these seven images and videos evidence that time travel is real?

A 19th-century painting that appeared to depict a woman using an iPhone hundreds of years before it was invented sparked the imagination of social...

I'm a cellphone repair expert – here's the hidden reason your phone is running slow

According to Kewin Charron, a senior lead refurbishment operations manager at BackMarket.com who specializes in refurbishing old handsets, the number one reason phones run...


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