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Mushroom death: Toxicologist shares grim details about how Erin Patterson’s guests died

A toxicologist has revealed the horrific symptoms of deadly mushroom poisoning after the deaths of three people suspected of consuming the deadly ingredient.Gail and...

Deciphering Prescription Drugs’ Package Inserts for Safe and Effective Medication Use: Insights from a Toxicologist

Lots of adults take prescription drugs, and the usage rates are continuously increasing. Of approximately 1.3 million emergency room...

Picking mushrooms can go horribly wrong. Here’s what can happen, according to a toxicologist

Are mushroom season in many parts of Australia. Between now and about June, the cooler and wetter weather is...

What is Xylazine? A medical toxicologist explains how it increases the risk of overdose and why Narcan can still save a life

The US Drug Enforcement Administration issued a warning on March 21, 2023, about an increase in the trade of fentanyl...

Poisons are a powerful tool for murder in fiction – a toxicologist explains how some dangerous chemicals are deadly

People have used poison throughout history for various purposes: to hunt animals for food, to treat disease, and to accomplish...


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