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TikTok’s lawsuit against Montana is a test case during the national prohibition debate

TikTok is suing Montana to overturn a law designed to prevent the app from being downloaded within the state. The complaint filed in federal court...

Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister’s daughter Savannah Tkatchenko slammed for Coronation TikToks

It seems innocent TikToks where a glamor lawyer does her makeup and...

Doctors are studying TikTok’s trend of tapping into wrinkles on the face

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist in New York City, said that taping your face...

Here’s what TikTok’s CEO told Congress about the app’s ties to China and teen safety

At his first Congressional hearing, TikTok CEO Shou Chew tried to downplay TikTok’s ties to China and parent company ByteDance. But lawmakers at the House Energy and Commerce Committee were far from satisfied with his answers. In her opening statements, committee chair Representative Cathy Rodgers said that TikTok should be banned. "ByteDance is beholden to

Fears TikTok’s BORG trend that caused 50 US students to be hospitalized will be copied in Australia

Fears a dangerous TikTok trend that caused 50 US university students to...

TikTok’s Bold Glamor filter ‘threats mental health’

Experts warn that a TikTok filter that offers users a flawless complexion without glitches "threatens the mental health" of the app's users. Social media...

Can’t find tinned tuna or sardines in the grocery aisles? Blame TikTok’s latest trend

The latest TikTok trend to sweep the internet is one of the most mind-boggling yet: Millions of users are now transfixed by innovative ways...


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