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Scientist warns that the James Webb telescope continues to uncover galaxies that defy conventional understanding.

Scientists claim that NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) continues to discover galaxies too big to exist.Six of these star clusters are too massive...

11,000 light-years from Earth: Space telescope reveals amazing images of a supernova – WhatsNew2Day

The James Webb Space Telescope recently delivered a new image of a supernova. The photo shows the remains of the supernova Cassiopeia A...

How the Hubble telescope is keeping a 265-year-old stargazing project alive

When NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope takes an image of a star field, it usually looks more like an abstract painting than a real piece of the universe. In the case of globular cluster M14, those drops of white, blue, and orange paint are more than 150,000 stars packed at the periphery of a spiral galaxy

Get a Celestron Telescope for just $38 with this stellar deal

Home News (Image credit: Celestron) Save big on a powerful travel telescope at Walmart, offering a great chance to check out the night sky while on the go. We've found plenty of the best telescope deals, but with starting prices of hundreds, often thousands of dollars, it's not always easy to find one that fits

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope spots a huge star on the brink of going SUPERNOVA

This amazingly detailed image captures the rare sight of a massive star's dying days before exploding into a supernova and collapsing into a black...


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