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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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NASA’s UFO task force will livestream unidentified anomalous phenomena meeting TOMORROW. Watch here!

NASA is due to hold a historic public meeting on UFOs tomorrow – as the once-mocked topic becomes mainstream.The space agency launched an independent...

California reparations task force member tells taxpayers to pay up their ‘sin bill’

A head of California's reparations task force has ordered taxpayers to pay their "sin bill" and pay out because of "what was done to...

Gavin Newsom refuses to back reparation payments to black Californians his own task force wants

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has again refused to support reparations payments to black Californians proposed by his own task force, which has also...

Budget’s energy bill relief and home retrofit funding is a good start, but dwarfed by the scale of the task

The quality and performance of our housing has a major impact on the environment, the cost of living and our...

Proving Defamation in Dominion’s Lawsuit Against Fox News is a Challenging Task.

The aftershocks of the 2020 presidential election continue to reverberate politics and the mediabuilding to a crescendo in a high-profile...

Predicting Eclipses: A Difficult Task Despite Centuries of Human Attempt

The coastal town of Exmouth in Western Australia will experience one of the most spectacular astronomical phenomena on April 20,...


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