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Critics Rating: Tina Turner, Survivor and Supernova

With her talent, ecstatic appeal and resilience, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has made a lasting impact on pop culture for seven...

11,000 light-years from Earth: Space telescope reveals amazing images of a supernova – WhatsNew2Day

The James Webb Space Telescope recently delivered a new image of a supernova. The photo shows the remains of the supernova Cassiopeia A...

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope spots a huge star on the brink of going SUPERNOVA

This amazingly detailed image captures the rare sight of a massive star's dying days before exploding into a supernova and collapsing into a black...

The James Webb telescope photographs a star 30 times more massive than our sun on the verge of a supernova

It happened 15,000 years ago, but the light is only now reaching Earth, courtesy of NASA's James Webb Telescope.The telescope captured images of a...

Stunning image shows ghostly remains of a supernova first documented 1,800 years ago

Stunning image shows ghostly remnants of a supernova first documented 1,800 years...


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