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Suggested tips for coffee and water slammed as they reach new high

Americans have taken to social media to reject out-of-control tipping suggestions, which they say have become unjustifiable in recent months.Inflation, self-checkouts and a new...

A suggested rewritten title is: “ANDREW NEIL: Those in favor of the Union should hope for a stable and lengthy tenure for SNP’s Humza...

The SNP's fall from grace has been spectacular, both in speed and magnitude. If anyone had submitted What Happened as a draft script...

Latitude Financial clients reveal the tell-tale texts that suggested something was wrong

Clients of a major Australian personal finance company, Latitude Financial, have detailed how they have been attacked by hackers, as the company admits to...

Delaying the Announcement of Running in 2024 until After Georgia Runoff is Suggested by Kayleigh McEnany to Trump

Trump's former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said Wednesday that her former boss should wait until the Georgia runoff next month to announce his candidacy...

Possible Extension of Student Loan Freeze Suggested by Biden Administration

The Biden administration is eyeing another potential extension of a student loan moratorium past its May 1 expiration date. Education Department officials have...


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