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Researchers explore same-sex behavior in 1,500 animal species, finding that it evolved to foster social bonds and minimize conflict

Homosexuality in nature seems counterintuitive, but it is observed in a variety of species around the world.There has yet to be an accepted...

The Great Lakes’ world-renowned shipwrecks face an uncertain future due to invasive species | Breaking:

Archaeologists, historians and divers are trying to digitally capture more than 1,000 shipwrecks at the bottom of the Great Lakes before they become unrecognizable...

Scientists Reveal the Impending Date Our Species Nearly Faced Extinction – A Compilation of 5 Close Calls

With eight billion people now walking the Earth, the thought of humans going extinct anytime soon seems rather unlikely.Barring nuclear annihilation, being overrun by...

Unveiled: The destructive impact of invasive species in Britain – featuring Asian hornets, giant hogweed, and killer shrimp

Britain is home to 2,000 invasive species, including the gray squirrel, which pose a threat to our native wildlife, experts have warned.A major report...

New Threat to US Agriculture: Asian Species Never Seen in America Invades, Similar to Murder Hornets

A relative of the murder hornet, which terrorized the US in 2021, has been spotted for the first time in the country and could...


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