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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Professor’s Call for $350,000 to Every Black Descendant of Slaves an “Absolute Disaster,” According to Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil warned Tuesday that the economics professor's plan for $350,000 in compensation for 40 million descendants of slaves would be an "utter disaster,"...

Russian female doctors are pressured into becoming the officers’ sex slaves

Russian female medics are 'pressured into becoming sex slaves' and 'carried' between...

PETER HITCHENS: Turning women into wage slaves suits everyone, except women and children, of course.

How bizarre that the cornerstone of a supposedly conservative budget is a plan to help women abandon their children and go to work. ...

BBC journalist apologises to the people of Grenada for aristocratic family’s ownership of slaves

A BBC journalist has publicly apologized to the people of Grenada for her aristocratic ancestors owning more than 1,000 slaves - with her family...


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