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Government Quietly Releases Tranche of 10 Videos Showing Unexplained Aerial Phenomena in US Skies, Prompting Concerns about National Security

Last month, federal authorities quietly released a series of UFO videos, including never-before-seen footage.U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the agency responsible for keeping terrorists...

Huge fireball sparks panic as it streaks across the skies above DC and NYC at 36,000mph and causes loud boom as it explodes

A huge ball of fire that streaked across the sky at 36,000 mph over Washington DC and New York sparked major panic.The fireball, likely...

Once-in-a-Decade Phenomenon: Spectacular ‘Super Blue Moon’ Illuminates Global Skies

A rare 'super blue moon' which will not be seen again for another 14 years lit up the skies over the UK last night,...

Don’t Miss Out on This Rare Sight! A ‘Potentially Interstellar’ Comet Will Grace the Skies Next Month – Here’s How to Catch a Glimpse...

A "potentially interstellar" comet hurtling through space at 240,000 miles per hour will be visible in September before it leaves our solar system. Comet...

Increased Frequency of Lightning Sightings in Nova Scotia Skies This Summer

Nova Scotia saw the most lightning strikes ever recorded in the province in the month of July, almost all of which came from a...


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