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Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Will ChatGPT be Homer Simpson’s salvation?

Imagine a person whose desire for the easy life is stronger than his sense of ethics. And imagine this person getting their hands...

Simpsons star lives frugally while donating $21m to Scientology

One of the Church of Scientology's largest donors, she made her fortune as the voice of Bart Simpson—and lives relatively modestly while donating huge...

Simpsons star Nancy Cartwright is revealed to be prolific Church of Scientology donor

Bart Simpson's voice is honored by the Church of Scientology for donating...

Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell wishes Grandpa Joe’s bone cancer to be cured on her 11th birthday

Jessica Simpson celebrated her daughter Maxwell's 11th birthday on Saturday with a heartfelt Instagram post, where she revealed that her father Joe has been...

The Simpsons is getting a Star Wars short called Rogue Not Quite One

Disney+ has announced Maggie Simpson in Rogue Not Quite One, a short film that combines the...

The best Simpsons game ever! – WhatsNew2Day

21:43 The best Simpsons game ever! 'Hello, Moe's Tavern? I need to speak to Amanda Dermichknutscht urgently, could you please ask?” Stop, don't use our...

Emma McKeon, Cody Simpson’s girlfriend, reacts cutely to hearing his song in the car – WhatsNew2Day

Cody Simpson's Olympic girlfriend Emma McKeon reacts very cutely to hearing his...


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