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Barbie movie ’caused worldwide shortage’ of pink paint

Barbie is synonymous with the color pink and director Greta Gerwig didn't...

A shortage of cancer drugs in the US is forcing doctors to ration life-saving treatments

A severe shortage of cancer therapies is forcing thousands of patients to miss out on life-saving treatments, several leading healthcare organizations warn.There are 14...

The Barbie movie used so much pink paint that it apparently caused an international shortage

The movie Barbie Realistic by Greta Gerwig is so much pink, that it has caused...

The production of ‘Barbie’ caused an international shortage of pink paint for Greta Gerwig’s film

by Greta Gerwig Barbie production used so much pink paint to bring the fantasy world to life that it actually led to a shortage...

The Barbie movie’s use of pink paint created an international shortage of pink paint

Barbie's film set used so much pink that "the world ran out of it ', according to the highly anticipated film's production designer. Director...

Opinion poll: Russia is facing the largest labor shortage in 27 years

A poll conducted by Russia's Yegor Gaidar Institute...


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