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What is Merkel cell carcinoma? This rare form of skin cancer killed Jimmy Buffett after a 4-year battle

Jimmy Buffett, el músico conocido por cantar sobre sentarse y relajarse, murió el viernes después de una batalla de cuatro años contra una rara...

DR MARTIN SCURR: Why a red, flushed face is more common as you age

I have a flushed, flushed complexion on my nose and cheeks, and I have noticed that this is a common condition, especially as people...

New test reveals whether you really ARE allergic to penicillin

A new test that shows whether someone is truly allergic to penicillin could pave the way for millions more people to benefit from the...

Should all pregnant women get the THIRD scan that can spot a breech baby in time?

Just weeks away from her due date, there were clear signs that Sarah Bedingfield Shutt's first baby was in a breech position, where the...

Is it worth paying £48 a month for ‘clean’ vitamins?

Clean living is a questionable trend taking the beauty, food and beverage industries by storm, based on the idea that products should be as...


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