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Study Shows that a Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables Can Reduce Miscarriage Risk by Approximately 66%

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of miscarriage by as much as 61 percent, research suggests.Women who ate...

A Mathematician Clarifies the Distinction between a Population Statistic and Your Individual Risk: Does a 1% Mortality Rate for COVID-19 Translate to a 1%...

From April 2023, about 1% of people who contracted COVID-19 eventually died. Does this mean you have a 1%...

Risk of a full-blown banking crisis ‘very low’

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which...

Could Lip Filler Pose a Risk? Female Patient Suffers from Malformed Lips Following Filler Procedure

27-year-old woman warns against cosmetic treatments after she was left with 'rotten'...

Increase Your Risk of Imprisonment: 8 Social Determinants of Justice

You may have heard the phrase "social determinants of health". It is the idea that social factors – such...


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