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Friday, September 22, 2023

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Lament4bly predict4ble… Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham return in the fourth film of a creaky series – and the only clever thing about it...

Exp4ndables (15, 103 minutes)Judgement:Stupid Money (15, 105 minutes)Judgement:Perhaps the smartest thing about the new Expendables movie, the fourth in the increasingly cracking...

Nine fruit ‘n’ veg portions a day? Now that’s difficult to stomach: ROLAND WHITE reviews last night’s TV

Five a day: the big scam?Judgement:Peter Sellers: The dark side of the goonJudgement:Have you ever had a taste for Angel Delight, Pot Noodles or...

Spicy room service, a nervous bride… the Neighbors are at it again! ROLAND WHITE reviews last night’s TV

NeighborsJudgement:Sex: a crazy history Judgement:What is the connection between Frank Sinatra, Status Quo and Melbourne's Ramsay Street? Answer: We wished them all a...

Initial reviews of ‘Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ say the spin-off is surprisingly good

Imagine a soaking wet sponge. Now imagine a pair of hands wringing out the sponge for every tiny drop of water for 13...


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