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‘Eric LaRue’ review: Judy Greer is amazing as the heartbroken mother of a school shooter in Michael Shannon’s directorial debut

An ensemble of gifted actors plays effectively against type in Michael Shannon's quietly powerful directorial debut, none other than Judy Greer, outwardly numb with...

‘Bucky F*cking Dent’ review: David Duchovny directs and stars in funny father-son drama

For a movie with an expletive in the title, Bucky F*cking Dent certainly shows a sentimental streak. In David Duchovny's film based on his...

‘Our Son’ review: Luke Evans and Billy Porter turn a gay divorce and custody battle into the same old same old

Does it count as representative progress when a drama about the cracks that destroy a same-sex marriage and the ensuing battle for primary custody...

‘He Went That Way’ Review: Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto in True Crime Misfire Awkwardly Stuck Between Genre Cracks

The fundamentals of He went that way seems to promise a film with curiosity, suspense, volatility and maybe even the kind of unlikely bond...

‘Transition’ Review: Portrait of a trans man embedded in the Taliban is compelling but lacks context

In the opening moments of Transition, Jordan Bryon, the subject of the documentary and one of the directors, turns his face to the camera....

‘Downtown Owl’ review: Lily Rabe is the radiant hot-mess center of a gripping small-town tragicomedy

Some movies - many movies - are less than the sum of their parts. Owl in the inner city, the story of the waving...

Immortals of Aveum gameplay review

Today, Ascendant Studios and EA, during the Summer Game Fest event, shared with us a new demo of Immortals of Aveum, through which we...


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