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Tag: Relationships


Who gets the booth seat on a date? Unspoken couple rule sparks debate between men and women

Heated discussions led to an "unspoken" rule for where men and women...

Husband slams wife’s book club outfit on TikTok: Blair and Steven

Man criticizes wife's 'book club outfit' and accuses her of lying about...

Perth matchmaker Louanne Ward reveals signs your date isn’t into you

A professional matchmaker has revealed seven telltale signs to look out for on a date that indicate they're not interested. Relationship expert Louanne Ward...

New dating trend: Eagle handsome, bear handsome, dog handsome, or reptilian handsome

The controversial dating trend sees men divided into four different animals based...

Caroline West-Meads: ‘I stupidly got involved with a serial adulterer’

Q In my thirties, I married a verbally and physically abusive man who raped me.He made me think I couldn't live without him, although...

Jana Hocking: I was having the best casual sex of my life but I broke the golden rule and ruined it

Let's face it, winter brings not only morning frosts, but also long cold nights that are best spent between a man's legs.I find that...


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