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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Dad shares quest to locate daughter’s teddy bear with late mom’s heartbeat recorded inside

A father embarks on a desperate search to find his daughter's doll,...

Western Australia Ravaged by Cyclone Ilsa: Severe Destruction Recorded

Tropical Cyclone Ilsa has crossed Western Australia's northwest coast with potentially record-breaking winds, battering trapped communities as it moves inland.The cyclone reached the coast...

Tesla employees are accused of sharing clips of unwitting customers that were recorded by car cameras

Heartbreaking new reports reveal that Tesla employees are sharing videos of customers, including one showing a naked man approaching a car, another showing "sexual...

Trump’s impeachment hearing will not be recorded after the judge blocked all in-court videos

The impeachment hearing against Donald Trump will not be recorded after a New York judge blocked all video coverage of the massive trial. ...

She finds a hidden tape containing secret footage of a naked woman being recorded

A woman says she discovered a shocking video made by a former homeowner showing a naked woman she apparently had no idea was recorded....


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